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Yvonne Herrmann-Teubel - German Language School

Yvonne Herrmann-Teubel

Yvonne studied German as a foreign language/ English and Lusitanistic (Portuguese) in Leipzig and Lisbon before she began to teach at the University of São Paulo. After having worked in Germany for some time she moved to Switzerland where she has been teaching Expats since 2008 using her intercultural experiences. She comes from Germany and is the owner of ExecuTeach/ German Language School. Yvonne is very fond of games which she likes her lessons to spice with and thus published a game for students studying German as a foreign language (A1 and A2 level)  which is available on here.

Marcus Schilling

Marcus Schilling

Marcus was born in Germany and moved to Switzerland in 1970. For more than two decades he has worked in Switzerland and in Asia. Marcus holds a degree in educational science from the University of Hagen in Germany and a teacher’s certificate in German as a foreign language from the University of applied sciences of Zurich (ZHaW, 2018). He is passionate about intercultural communication and speaks several foreign languages. He supports the German Language School with his knowledge and experience.