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The German Language School near Zurich offers you a range of German courses geared to the needs and challenges of everyday life in Switzerland. In the course not only the important issues such as seeing a doctor, shopping, restaurant etc. are treated, but also cultural aspects of the German-speaking countries, notably Switzerland, are discussed. Each level consists of two courses.

A1.1 & A1.2 German Course Beginner

A1 – German language Course

In the A1 course students will learn essential vocabulary for daily communication purposes and acquire fundamental grammar structures in order to be able to communicate independently at a basic level.

A2.1 & A2.2 German Course Beginner plus

A2 – German language course

Building on the A1 course students of the A2 course will expand their basic vocabulary for everyday communication purposes and learn more difficult grammar structures in order to be able to communicate independently.

B1.1, B1+ & B2.2 German Course Intermediate

B1 – German language course

The B1 course focuses on the enhancement of vocabulary, on the use of more complex grammar structures and on a confident conversation in everyday contexts.

Exam preparation courses

Additional German language courses

In addition to the courses at all levels we also offer conversation courses and exam preparation courses to prepare you for the upcoming Goethe- or telc- exam. For the students of international schools we also provide courses that prepare for the IB exam in German.

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If you are unsure and do not know wich type of course and which level suits you, please contact us. We will then analyse your language skills and choose the right course for you.

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